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Phone is 1-918-446-2727
Corporate membership fee will be $250.00. This will include:
-An advertisement on flat car or billboard sign for the module.
-Small business card size ad in Tour book. A larger ad may be
purchased if desired.
- One (1) voting right.
- No charge to set up Module or ground track at place of business one time
per year within designated distance.
- Framed Membership Certificate
- Will be able to give Proxy vote.
- Link to website on club website.
-Will receive RailMail email
-Able to attend all club functions

Associate Membership fee will be $15. This will include
-Person has to be outside 65 miles
-No voting rights
-Will receive RailMail email
-Able to attend all club functions

Do you know of anyone that is a closet G scale train owner or might have interest in the hobby?
Some of our members don't have a train layout in the yard but help others and enjoy when we have different displays setup.
Please give out our web page or send us an e mail.