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The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club was founded in January 1997. Its purpose is to encourage and broaden the knowledge of large scale garden railroad activities. It is open to anyone interested in large-scale outdoor or indoor model railroading.
Workshops and open houses will be announced throughout the year.
The Club meets the last Thursday of every month at Hardesty library except Nov because of Thanksgiving and December, TBA, that’s when we party.

November 2013 RailMail

TGRRC meeting,
Thursday, November 21, 2013
at 6:30 pm
Home of
Stan and Debbie Morris
6203 S 296th East Ave
Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Homemade Chili and dessert will be served.

Harry Wolohon
Mini clinic
“Snow for existing Buildings”

Please bring any new items or products for show and tell. Meeting agenda will be available. Look forward to seeing all of you there.

OCTOBER 24, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Vice President Harry Wolohon. Meeting was held at Ollie’s Restaurant. Vernon Guess was asked by President Dennis Sullivan to present nominations and election for President and Vice President. There were no other nominations. By unanimous vote Dennis Sullivan was re-elected as Club President and Harry Wolohon was re-elected as Vice President.

Gregg Sturge gave another informative presentation titled “UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT” and Does Level Matter. Thanks Gregg it was great.

Harry Wolohon made a motion to accept September Minutes as written. Donnie Shirey seconded. September minutes were approved. Lisa Sullivan thanked Sammy Wolohon for covering for her in September during her absence.


2017 Convention- Gregg Sturge and Vernon Guess did not have anything new to report at this time. They will have more information for us next month.

Makers Fair- Gary Gill reported that there was a large crowd. It did rain but module was under cover. Hope to get back next year.

Bixby Train Show - Joe Salomon reported that the ground track was used. Thanks to Hardscape and the Garden Trug for the donation of landscape materials and plants. They broke a record for attendance this year. There were over 400 kids and 1,000 adults. The club was given a check for $50.00 for attending. They have asked us to come back next year.

Club T-shirts- Barbara Shirey has tried to contact the company that has done our shirts in the past. She has not heard back from them. Since there is an interest in different types for shirts, she will look into finding another company. Cindy Whitton offered to follow up with the other company in Sapulpa. She will report back to the club.

Name Tags- Sammy Wolohon has an order ready. So far she has 10 name tags to order and hopes to have them before Thanksgiving. The name tags are $10.

Sammy reminded everyone to buy raffle tickets for Christmas Party. They are 11 tickets for $10. Start December 1st, they will be $1.00 a piece.

Gregg Sturge added transformer and Train Engineer to modules. He came in under budget. The Module now can run on track power, DCC and variable track power.

Christmas Party will be at the Sport Page in Coweta on Friday December 13th at 6pm. We can decorate anytime that day. We will be allowed to order from the menu so there will not be a collection for dinner tickets. The address for the Sport Page is 13747 Highway 51 Suite B, Coweta OK 74429. They are in the Oak Grove Center. This is the shopping center with Mazzio’s Pizza and Atwood's.


Vernon Guess was asked if the club would be willing to be the host club for the Rhema Train Show. Due to the time constraint, this was brought before the executive committee to vote on. They voted to host the show. The show will be on Friday November 29th to Sunday, December 1st. Vernon requested that we have all available manpower there if possible. We will set up Friday morning. We will have layouts up and running by Friday night. This is also the same weekend when Rhema turns on their Christmas Light Display. There will be vendors as well as 9 or 10 layouts. Three of the layouts will be G-scale. We will have a club module as well as the Guess Family. There will be a gentleman from Kansas there with his layout as well. We will have signup sheets for volunteers for each of the days. As host, we will assist the vendors in any way we can. Vernon says which will be “Tour on Steroids”. Joe Salamon will be handing out flyers and tickets for train ride to daycare and Dental Depot. Tickets for Friday will be half price. There will an honorarium for hosting the show. Harry Wolohon moved that we host participate in the show. Gary Gill seconded. Motion was approved with no opposed.

Dennis Sullivan asks that everyone participate as this will be big event for us. He will ask Hardscapes and The Garden Trug to help hand out flyers. Harry Wolohon will check with hobby stores.

Executive Committee meetings have changed from Tuesday before the meeting to Monday before the meeting so that all executives could attend.

Dennis announced that he would like to have a club photographer. He has asked Stan Morris and Roy Heim to be the photographers for the club.

Joe Salamon gave a great slide show of all the events we have attended this year. Starting with Jenks Herb Festival and ending with the Makers Fair.

Next month’s meeting will be held at the home of Stan and Debbie Morris on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

Gary Gill will send out an email for work day on modules and ground track.

Dennis Sullivan made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Harry seconded. Meeting was adjourned.


A work day on Monday 11/11/13 was held at the Sullivan's at 9 am to work on the small table top modules that we rebuilt earlier this year. They have to be painted and track put back on them. The small trailer will be picked up and taken down to Dennis’s house on Sunday afternoon. Some painting was done on the BoJo train. There is a need for some donations for anything from paint, decorations or money (so that we can buy decorations) that would be great. Gary Gill thanks everyone for their participation.

Another work day November 12th from 9 am to 12 pm was held at the Sullivan's. We worked again on the raised ground track and got finished the next day. All were welcomed to come.

Gary, Rob and Dennis working on the BoJo engine at Dennis’ on a workday in November 2013.

Getting ready for the Christmas parades, Gary is cleaning and repairing the motor of the BoJo engine.

Rob laying ballast and track on the raised ground track.

Rob, Gary and Harry on a rainy work day at Sullivan’s.

Joe giving the train a practice run.

Also Dennis and Lisa met Vernon at Rhema Bible College. They did some measuring of the rooms. Lisa believes it will be a great place for the show and can't wait to see how this will all turn out.

*TGRRC will receive an honorarium for being the host club for the Rhema Train Show. The show will be on Friday November 29th to Sunday, December 1st. Vernon Guess is the chairman. Signup to assist with layout and hosting.
(See the Minutes for details.)

TGRRC Parade Update, November 8, 2013
The club has entered the following parades:
Broken Arrow, Dec 7 at 1000 hrs
Coweta, Dec 7 at 1800 hrs
Owasso, Dec 14 at 0930 hrs
Tulsa Downtown Parade of Lights, Dec 14 at 1800 hrs

Club members are preparing three different entries:
A trailer mounted small train village with operational train, pulled by truck
A trailer mounted large lighted train for night viewing
A motorized rubber-wheeled train with four to six cars and caboose

Please Email TGRRC Parade Coordinator Roy Heim which parades you will be working:
Please take time to email Roy about the parades you will be working so the club officers will know who they can count on to be there. We know there may be last minute situations, but it really helps to have commitments now.

Broken Arrow, Dec 7 at 1000 hrs

Coweta, Dec 7 at 1800 hrs

Owasso, Dec 14 at 0930 hrs

Tulsa Downtown Parade of Lights, Dec 14 at 1800 hrs

TGRRC Meeting
Thursday, November 21, 2013
at 6:30 pm

Home of
Stan and Debbie Morris
6203 S 296th East Ave
Broken Arrow, OK 74014
Homemade Chili and dessert will be served.

Directions to Stan and Debbie’s home:
Go east on 71st Street (same as Kenosha in Broken Arrow)
Turn left (North) onto 295th (Woodland Hills Addition)
Continue north on 295th as far as you can go then turn right (East) down the hill
At the bottom of the hill go straight (East) onto chat road across the damn of the pond, this is our driveway.
Note: It might be easier for you if you park on the street (296th) and walk up. If the walk is too much, call Stan 918 252 1600 I will come to the street and pick you up and bring you to the top.
There are 5 parking places at the very top, come early and get ‘em. All should call me as to where to park once you arrive.

Speaker: Harry Wolohon
Program: Mini clinic
“Snow for existing Buildings”

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